Company ETOP WHEELS ASSEMBLING, Ltd. has grown from a group Etop Group as a specialist in the supply of complete wheels directly to the customer for primary production.

At first it was only a minor activity in addition to the production of discs, segment and special wheels. Thanks to customer satisfaction and increasing demand for wheels we have grown to high volumes of assembly and supply of wheels. Thanks to the constantly growing satisfied clients we decided to establish a professional company that will specialize in assembly and delivery of the complete wheels in primary production.

More than 20 years of rich experiences we constantly improved thanks to a strong partners as a supplier of assembly services and complete wheels for companies Peugeot, Avia, Zetor Tractors, Maz, Kamaz and many other leading manufacturers.

Etop City Center

Company vision

Increasing customer satisfaction through individual approach, continual improvement of assembly processes as well as company growth and consolidation of its stable position in Central Europe.

Company philosophy

Our philosophy is of course more than a satisfied customer, which can be achieved only by a professional team and available and constantly evolving techniques and technologies.

Marián Lisík

Ing. Marián Lisík

Executive Manager

Matej Lisík

Matej Lisík

Tibor Svitek

Bc. Tibor Svítek

Headofassembling center
+421 907 845 607

Miroslava Backova

Miroslava Backová

Ing. Valéria Peťovská

Ing. Valéria Peťovská

Silvia Gorelková

Bc. Silvia Gorelková

Alex Tvrdoň

Aleš Tvrdoň

Michal Chobot

Michal Chobot

Quality control


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